Code of Conduct

Nokia Al Saudia has worked very hard to build a good reputation in the market. Part of that good reputation is related to an outstanding ethical behavior which should never be compromised. Nokia Al Saudia being a strategic partner of Nokia, is committed to adopt the Nokia’s code of conduct. Our market is full of opportunities and risks, both of which we have to balance carefully as part of our business. Each day, all of us make decisions. The wrong choice – even if it is taken in the heat of the moment or made with the best of intentions – can have significant, long-term effects on our reputation. Of course, the code of conduct cannot cover every possible situation, but it provides the basic legal guidelines and essential ethical behavioral standards that will help us make the right business decisions.

This code of conduct sets clear expectations on our business conduct and provides useful guidance for the management of critical risk areas such as conflicts of interest, improper payments, working with suppliers and labor laws.

The code of conduct sets high standards of integrity for Nokia Al Saudia’s employees. It outlines our commitment to act compliantly and ethically in our business activities. If there are times when we are uncertain, it is our duty to ask for guidance. We must make the code of conduct a vital part of our work and in everything we do at Nokia Al Saudia.

Following the code of conduct also means that we need to report any concerns or violations of the code of conduct as soon as they arise – without exception. Employees have the duty and the right to speak up and we will not accept any negative actions against employees who raise legitimate compliance concerns in good faith.

Ethic and compliance can be approached:


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