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Certified Telecom Survey Associate

Certified Telecom Survey Associate

Nokia Training Center

Course Brief:

This unique, high-value, industry-leading Wireless Site Survey training course, created by site survey specialists, meets the needs of wireless network professionals and surveyors responsible for planning, surveying, installing or troubleshooting WiFi wireless networks.

The goal of this course is to provide the attendee with a hands-on learning to be able to plan, design, deploy and perform the various types of site surveys that allow WLANs to function at their.


Course Outline:

Site Power


Local Utility Connection

ATS Backup System

Backup Systems (AC and DC)

AVR (for unstable AC inputs)

DC Equipment (Rectifier, Batteries, Control Systems)

Electrical Distribution Boards

Control Facilities

Aviation Lights

Advanced Power Sources (Solar, Wind)

Hybrid and explain the ATS and Dual Generator operation 


R  F

Practical session Presentation & Tutorial.

Feeder Solution.

Feeder less Solution

Distributed Solution

Antenna Types 


Sharing Sites

Sharing sites with other operators

Confirmation of loads on tower for all operators.


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